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Allergy Asthma Management
In allergy asthma, proper management with expert advice can help to improve quality of life and stops long-term complications
Immunity and immunotherapy are interlinked
Vijay warad
Sublingual Immunotherapy in allergy asthma having best results
Dr vijay warad
Pollution impact on Health
Dr vijay warad
Allergy attacks,anaphylaxis
recently one 15 yrs old boy who had allergic bronchitis(asthma) on regualr inhaler and nasal sprays with parents well aware of acute attack of asth...
Dr vijay warad
Allergy, Asthma, Chronic respiratory diseases,COPD relation to pollution and allergens
We believe in quality care with best possible diagnostic methods for allergy tests,eye check up or eye surgeries equipments.In India still misconce...
Dr vijay warad
How to scientifically fight against pollution
next big problem is pollution rellated serious health probelms as we are taking precautions about food hygiene as well water purification ,but nobo...
Dr vijay warad
Expert in Allergy,asthma,immunology and handling Anaphylaxis
https://plus.google.com/111449993612413161832/posts/RfyjpaKZDVu.Recently organised workshop for 2016 guideleines and protocol by Indian academy of ...
Dr vijay warad
Tatoos will have health Hazards including Allergy
 everything from the needle itself to the ink being injected is a potential health hazard. A recent study found that most tattooed people who deve...
misconceptions about allergy ;scientific long term allergy therapy will have complete relief
still in India allergy attacks are not taken seriously so most of the patient just want temporary relief;Allergy testing is looked as wastage of mo...
Dr vijay warad
Allegry sensitisation and body's hypersensitive reaction
Like some patients after going to public place as movie theatres or malls after exposure from cushion seats have reactions at the exposed arms and ...
Dr vijay warad
Severe allergy reaction or anaphylaxis preparedness programme
https://plus.google.com/110412424002718072622/posts/ei9nK819SHPAt Pune last 20 yrs scenario has changed with lots of vehicles on road,construction,...
DR viajy warad
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